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I've finally finished reading the book my sister gave me for my birthday at the end of September.  I do enjoy reading, I am just very, very slow. 

There is a special reason my sister picked this book for me.  The title of the book, The Condition, refers to the medical condition of the middle child in the family the book follows.  The condition referred to by the title is Turner Syndrome, which I also have.  I have written about my personal experience of living with this syndrome which, thankfully, was different in many ways from the character Gwen's.  I am nearly 5'2" tall and went through puberty with the aid of hormone injections and pills.  Gwen was not so lucky.

I liked this book, but would probably not consider it one of my top 5.  It does, however hold a special place in my heart due to the fact that one of the characters has the same medical condition that I do.  It is the first novel I've ever read, and the only one in existence to my knowledge, with a character with my syndrome.  It is not extremely rare, but I have never met anyone else with it.  That being said, I may have met someone and just not known it.  After all, to look at me or to speak with me you would have no idea I had a chromosomal abnormality.

The book does not really have a main character, but it bounces back and forth highlighting each of the 5 members of the family.  Each of the five members has their own problems and issues.  It sort of made me think, "Is every family as messed up as this one?"  My favorite parts, not surprisingly, were those that revolved around Gwen and how she, and those around her, dealt with the effects of Turner Syndrome. 

In the end everything was wrapped up neat and tidy with a bow on top.  All the characters eventually came to terms with their issues and everything was resolved.  The gay son came out to the rest of the family who were very accepting.  The 'loser' son left the job he hated and the wife everyone hated.  Gwen married and was very happy in her life.  I must say, it was nice for me to read how confident and well adjusted Gwen, whom the book follows from early childhood through her mid thirties, finally became as an adult.


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