Knitting Project: Scarf #2

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I had so much fun knitting my first scarf I decided to knit a second.  I wanted to continue to learn and to try a lighter weight yarn.  It's still a very simple pattern that's very easy for even the very beginner knitter.  Overall it was a nice little project/learning experience and I am happy with the result.

  scarf 001.JPG

scarf 002.JPG

scarf 006.JPG

Needles: Size US 8 aluminum


    • 1 skein - 256 yards
    • Worsted Weight - Medium (4)
    • Red Heart Soft Yarn in the color "Dark Leaf"


cast on a number of stitches that is a multiple of 6

all odd rows: *k3 p3; repeat from * 

all even rows: *k1 p1; repeat from *

(k=knit; p=purl)

Dates: Started 2/10; Completed 2/21

Things I learned:


Next up: a matching hat!


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Looks awesome!
Love the color!

Thank you! I am seriously having so much fun. The possiblities are endless! Unfortunately (or fortunately, heh) Spring and then summer are around the conrner and who knows how much knitting I will feel like doing then. I will DEFINITELY pick it up again in the fall though.

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