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The sun was shining all day long.  The temperatures broke the 60 degree mark.  I looked out the window longingly from 9a until 6p.  I decided mid-afternoon that I would go for a run/jog after work.  I just couldn't resist.  I had put it off long enough.

There was a huge hurdle, mostly a mental one, in getting going again.  I was so afraid that I would be back to square one again and not be able to finish my route.  I was really dreading that.  It took me several weeks from when I started to be able to run the route without having to stop and walk.

I was pleasantly surprised this evening.  I was certainly slower than the last time I ran, but I finished!  My small accomplishment for this warm St. Patrick's Day 2010.  I cleared the hurdle and I'm ready to go.


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Sometimes that's all it takes - that little determination!

Exactly! It was really scary but felt really good in the end.

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