I Finally Used My Passport

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I never had a passport until about two years ago.  I didn't have any particular trips in mind or planned, but thought it would be a good idea to have in case my boyfriend and I wanted to go out of the country.  We actually haven't gone on many trips in our nearly 4 years together so I was just being optimistic, I suppose. 

This past week we went on our second significant trip together (last summer we went to Cape Cod, MA).  A few months ago we were asked by a couple of friends if we wanted to go on a trip with them.  We said yes right away and got to planning.  We went around and around on ideas, which is bound to happen with 4 people involved and nearly infinite possibilities. 

We finally settled on heading to Canada.   We called it our  "Fantastic Canadian Voyage".  We first travelled to Niagara Falls and then to Toronto.  Niagara was the half-way point to Toronto so we stopped there for 2 days.  We saw the falls during the day, the falls lit up at night, ate at the rainforest cafe while sitting next to a large aquarium, hung out at Margaritaville, and walked for pretty much two days straight.  We also ate dinner one night at a brazilian steakhouse called Copa Cabana.  If you ever have the opportunity to eat at a brazilian steakhouse and you like meat, I highly recommend you go.  It's quite the experience.  Men come around with large slabs of various kinds of delicious meats and cut a piece off for you.  They keep coming until you tell them to stop and take requests.  They also came around with grilled pineapple with some sort of spice (cinnamon and/or brown sugar, I don't remember, but it was delicious) for "dessert".

We were in Toronto for the three days after that and bought a city pass.  The pass included 5 different tourist attractions and was a real deal compared to if you paid for each of the 5 attractions individually.  Day 1 we just walked around and toured on our own and went to Gretsky's for dinner.  The next day we went to a castle called casa loma, went to the Royal Ontario Museum, and then that night we went to the cn tower (amazing view!).  The third day we hit up the Toronto zoo where I took over 200 photographs of the various animals.  That evening went went to the ballpark and watched a Blue Jays vs. Rays game. 

All in all it was an amazing trip.  We were busy the entire time and pretty tired, but it was the good kind of tired.  We made a lot of great memories with our friends and we were all very sad to see the week end.  I plan to be back soon to post some more pictures so stay tuned...

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