I'm Knitting Again

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I taught myself how to knit at the beginning of this year and I was very excited to start knitting again this fall. I meant to start back in early September but just got around to it last week. I have no idea who this is scarf is for, but I saw this pattern in a magazine at the end of last winter and knew this would be the next project. Hopefully it will turn out well and be a nice Christmas gift for someone. It's proven much more difficult that I anticipated. I think I ended up starting over 2 or 3 times after knitting the first 12 rows or so because I kept messing up.   

knitting - gray scarf.JPG

Are you a knitter? Are you knitting gifts for anyone this Christmas?



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Just LOOK at that pattern! It looks crazy hard! HOW are you such an amazing knitter so early on?! If I didn't already like you I would have to hate you. ;)

Ha ha. Please don't hate me! If it helps, I did struggle a bit keeping every thing straight and it isn't perfect. I am excited about my next project - a toddler hat - stay tuned!

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