Perfectionism and Christmas Gifts

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My perfectionism strikes again.  My grandmother was really excited when I sent her some pictures of some of the things I've knit recently.  She used to be a big knitter herself and after seeing my projects she started thinking about knitting again herself.  So I thought the perfect Christmas gift for my grandparents would be something hand-knit.  Grandparents love that kind of stuff, right?  My dad's parents live in Florida so I wasn't about to knit a hat or a scarf.  That would just be silly!  So I thought maybe some potholders.  Or some sort of Christmas ornaments. 
So I started with the potholders.  I did some research to find the best kind of yarn, found a nice pattern, some pretty colored yarn, and got started.  Half-way through, I quit.  They weren't coming out as I had imagined and just looked kind of lame.
So then I came across some really cute miniature stocking patterns and thought maybe I could make those.  I made the first one and.... well, it wasn't perfect.  And I wasn't happy.  It wasn't exactly what I had envisioned.  The top half looked bigger than the bottom part which made it look a little mis-matched and weird.  I also thought it was too big for a tree and would look funny.  After several hours of pouting about this and scouring the internet for something else I could make quickly and getting yelled at by my frustrated boyfriend who said he thought the stocking I made was really cute and my grandparents would love it, I decided to make another one.  This one came out better, in my opinion, but smaller than the first one so they didn't really "go".  I got all upset and was afraid I wouldn't have any gift at all for my grandparents.  It just wouldn't be acceptable to send two lame-looking knit ornaments to my grandparents.  Especially to my grandmother who used to knit her own sweaters and dresses!
I sent my mom a picture message and lamented about the size difference and she came back with, "They can be his and hers... the bigger one for your grandfather and the smaller one for your grandmother."  She also called me crazy.  So after much convincing by my mom and my boyfriend I mailed the two little ornaments out yesterday.  Hopefully they will be able to overlook the imperfections.
Here is what they were supposed to get:
mini knit stockings.jpg 
And this is what they will be getting (sorry for the poor picture quality, they were taken with my phone):
stockings 1.jpg

stockings 2.jpg

I guess if they don't ever have that first picture in their head, they will never know that I didn't match up to what I had really wanted to do.  It's all about expectations.  And I apparently have ridiculously high expectations for myself. 



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