2010: A Look Back

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I was going to write up a nice long article neatly wrapping up my year.  I was going to go month by month talking about what happened and include a pretty picture that was taken each month.  There were 2 main problems with that: 

1.  My life in 2010 was very, very boring.  I don't think I could come up with something interesting to say about most months.

2.  My photography skills pretty much suck and I don't have pretty pictures taken from each month.


Well, consider that your warning because I decided to write that post anyway.  Boring life and crappy pictures and all.



I tend to hibernate in the winter and so January was pretty boring.  We bought our first flat-screen t.v. and sat on the couch enjoying that most of the month.  Also enjoyed Netflix for the first time thanks to my younger sister giving me a subscription for Christmas.

January 2010.JPGFebruary

Again, nothing very exciting.  I did bake some nice cookies for my boyfriend for Valentines Day. I also decided to learn to knit.  One Sunday evening I was sitting alone at home and decided it was time for me to finally learn.  So I ran out to the craft store and bought my first pair of needles and some yarn.  I knit my very first scarf.

_February 2010.JPG 


Lots more knitting.  I learned a lot and even learned how to make hats.  I made a really cute strawberry hat for my friend's daughter.  We also got a much needed new oven.  I started getting really antsy because I hate winter and there were just a couple of days where Spring was in the air and I could feel it coming.

March 2010.JPG 


I was really happy that the snow was melted, the temperatures were warmer, and the daffodils and tulips sprouted.  Not much else happened. 

April 2010.JPGMay

I started a vegetable garden.  It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it all summer.  I put it in a different location from last year and it did a lot better.  I also planted lots of annuals which I managed to keep alive until the cold weather and frost hit.

May 2010.JPG 


I got a promotion!  And a raise!  I also had my 10 year anniversary at my place of employment. 

June 2010.JPGJuly

Somehow July seemed to come and go without making a sound.  I really just enjoyed the nice weather and my garden, which continued to grow far beyond my original expectations.  My parents meet my boyfriend's parents for the first time at a small BBQ at our house.  We bought a really nice patio set that we love and a fire pit.

July 2010.JPGAugust

My boyfriend and I took an amazing trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto the first week of August.  It was my frist time to Toronto, and my frist time taking a trip with another couple.

August 2010.JPGSeptember

Other than turning 32 and enjoying the nice fall weather, not much happened in September.  It passed far too quickly.

September 2010.JPG 


We made our very first Halloween costumes.  We were Goombas!  They were a big hit with our co-workers.  I also went apple picking for the first time and baked my first apple pie. 

October 2010.JPG


I was challenged pretty hard at work.  I was temporarily moved to another department to help them out.  I was very much out of my element and had to learn a lot in a very short amount of time.  It was tough but I think I rose to the challenge.  My boyfriend and I went with another friend to an awesome Matt Nathanson concert where we sat alone in the reserved front row.  I also started knitting again and knit a really cute watermelon hat for my friend's daughter.

November 2010.JPG  


I only worked about half of this month because I didn't use a lot of my vacation time.  I finished up that challenging project at work.  I enjoyed my time-off but there was also a lot of stress and family drama.  We also had around 50 inches of snow this much which, ick.  While stuck inside with all the snow, I continued to improve my knitting skills by learning how to knit cables.

December 2010.JPG


Overall, looking back I feel a little bit depressed.  I didn't really do much and not much really happened.  I learned a new skill/picked up a new hobby, the promotion at work was great, and I really enjoyed the trip in August, but mostly I feel like I just got a year older and wasted most of the year.  I think I really just need to put it in perspective that not every day/month something huge and exciting is going to happen.   


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