Spring Break

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I am excited to share that earlier this week my boyfriend and I finally booked our late winter vacation (now that spring is nearly here already). 

After months of debate and hours hunched over the computer researching, the plane tickets have been purchased and the hotel reservations have been booked.  My boyfriend and I are both horrible at decision making and are also very frugal, so between trying to read every  possible review for every possible hotel and typing in various flight departure and return dates to see what the best possible price we could get was, it was a very trying and stressful experience.

I think we are both very happy with the fruits of our labor, though.  All the sweat and tears were worthwhile.  We decided Hawaii was too expensive a trip for us right now but still wanted to go somewhere nice.  We settled on southern Florida.  We picked what seems to be a very nice hotel and splurged just a little for an oceanfront room with a balcony.  We also added to the agenda (consisting mostly of sleeping in late, sitting by the pool or on the beach, reading, taking lots of walks, and eating at a few nice restaurants) a day to drive an hour north to visit my grandparents.  I have not seen them in about three years and they have never met my boyfriend so I am excited about this.  My grandfather will be turning 98 in a few months and my grandmother will be turning 91, so I really want to get there to visit them while I am still fortunate enough to have the opportunity. 

So the countdown to when we leave at the end of the month begins.  We did a bunch of shopping today (bathing suits, cover ups, shoes, shirts) so I'm pretty much ready to go and I'm hoping the time goes by quickly.  My soul could use some R & R and a little Vitamin D right now, that's for sure.


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