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Daffodils 2011

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I love Spring.  And I love daffodils, one of the first signs of Spring.  It's a beautiful day here in Upstate, NY so I decided to take some pictures of the daffodils in my yard.

daffodils 2011 141.JPG

daffodils 2011 121.JPG

daffodils 2011 110.JPG

daffodils 2011 088.JPG

daffodils 2011 068.JPG

daffodils 2011 058.JPG

daffodils 2011 002.JPG

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Homeword bound

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How would you describe your perfect home in ten words or less?

modern colonial with large yard and garden in the suburbs


This was pretty difficult for me to answer. 1.  It's hard to describe something like that in so few words and 2.  I'm not entirely sure I really know what I want.


I think I'd prefer a newer home to an older one (although they can certainly have a lot of character). 

I'd much rather live in the suburbs than in the city or in the country way out in the middle of nowhere.

I'd love to have a large yard with lots of nice landscaping.  My current yard has lots of trees which is nice and almost reminds me of a park, but I'd also like to have a nice sunny area where I could grow lots of nice vegetables and other flowers.

Sometimes I think I'd love to have a nice big pool.  I really enjoy swimming, but I wouldn't enjoy all the work that goes along with it.

I'd love to have a nice big kitchen with granite countertops and an island.

I love the sunroom I have in my house now, as well as the patio. 

I'm dying for a walk-in closet and master suite which is lacking in my current house.

I also dream of living on the water -- either an ocean or a lake.

And a professional interior designer would be great to decorate my perfect home.  I'm no good at that stuff.


What about you?  How would you describe your perfect home in ten words or less (or more if you like)?

Monday Five Countdown #15

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It's Monday again, so it's once again time to do the Monday 5 Countdown created by Bookish Penguin.
Five Things I'm Grateful For:
  1. That we were able to afford the really nice trip that we went on.  I don't take it for granted.
  2. That I was able to see my grandparents again.  Even though my grandfather didn't know who I was it was still nice to see him and my grandmother was really so happy that I came and that she was able to meet my boyfriend.
  3. Any day where the weather is nice enough for me to go out for a long walk on my lunch hour or after work.  Yesterday we had really crap weather and today isn't much better (scratch that, just looked out the window and it is snowing again), but there was a string of days that were actually spring-like.
  4. That one of my favorite bands is going to be touring near me this summer and I was able to get tickets in the 6th row.  Even better, they are co-headlining with a friend's favorite band so a group of 5 of us are all going together.  :)
  5. That deer and/or rabbits don't like primroses or daffodils.  They have managed to eat ALL of my tulips and crocuses so primroses and daffodils are all I have flowering right now.
Four Things I Can't Stop Thinking About:
  1. What to buy my sister for her 30th birthday.  I have a couple of ideas I'm kicking around but haven't figured out exactly what I want to get.  Her birthday is only 4 days away -- eek.
  2. The warm and sunny weather down in Florida and how I can't wait for it to get that nice here in NY. 
  3. My messy bedroom.  I really hate when my bedroom gets messy/cluttered.
Three Things I Want To Accomplish This Week:
  1. Finish reading Lovely Bones.  It's pretty short and I'm already 21% through after 1 day of reading.
  2. Purchase a gift (or gifts) for my sister.
  3. Give the master bedroom a good thorough cleaning, including the closet.
Two Things I Am Working To Be Positive About:
  1. Being able to dramatically reduce the amount of diet coke I drink.  I was up to 3 cans a day.  I used to buy caffeine free to have with dinner at night but I stopped buying it.  If I have it in the house I will have it so it seemed the only way to force myself out of the habit was to stop buying it.  For much of the last week I've been having water with dinner instead.  I'd like to get down to one a day, and then down to just a few cans a week.
  2. The weather.  Seriously.  There is even more snow and a lot of rain in the 10-day forecast.  It's rather depressing.
One Random Thing:
  1. We watched a documentary called "Fat Head"  last week.  The synopsis from IMDB: "A comedian replies to the 'Super Size Me' crowd by losing weight on a fast-food diet while demonstrating that almost everything you think you know about the obesity 'epidemic' and healthy eating is wrong."  It's a worthwhile watch, in my opinion. 

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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The last time I wrote (over a month ago) I wrote about how we finally booked our Spring vacation.  Well, we've been back from that trip for about two weeks now. 

We both had an amazing, amazing time.  I think the pictures below kind of sum up the trip nicely.  They are all from the resort we stayed at.  We had a rental car but for the most part we didn't want to leave.  It was approximately 85 degrees and bright sunshine every single one of the 6 days we were down there.  I felt myself relax as soon as we checked into the hotel and we first walked outside by the pool and ate an early dinner over looking the ocean.

On the day of our return flight, I was so not ready to leave.  Apparently some other higher being or greater force didn't want me to leave either.  Our flight was at 9 AM but we sat on the tarmac for about 4 1/2 hours before acutally taking off.  It was supposed to be a 40 minute hop to Orlando.  We finally got to Orlando and of course we missed our layover flight so had to scramble around to figure out how we were giong to get home.  They gave us tickets for another flight that would get us back home around 10:30 PM.  The real kicker was that particular flight was first going back to to Fort Lauderdale first (a.k.a. the very same place that it just took us about 6 hours getting there from).  Luckily we got the last 2 seats on another stand-by flight that would get us home at 6 PM and was direct.  So it took us just over 3 hours to get down to Florida on a direct flight and close to 10 hours to get home.  It was a bit of a sour note to end the vacation on, but it could have been worse. 

When we arrived back in NY back on the 5th, it was 32 degrees outside.  Today, it snowed.  I tried to bring the beautiful weather back home with me, but apparently it didn't work.











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