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Well, I guess I didn't have to wait long as things are already starting to bloom.  I absolutely love taking pictures of flowers so as soon as I saw the blossoms I ran outside armed with my camera.  Here's the result:

Some magnolia blossoms... Magnolia Blossoms 01.JPG

Magnolia Blossoms 02.JPG

Some daffodils...

Daffodils 01.JPG

daffodils 02.JPGSome random little blue flowers that I have no idea what they are called but love...

blue flowers 01.JPG

And some pretty purple mums I bought for my parents for their 35 wedding anniversary...

mums 01.JPG

And since you're aleady here, and it's Easter, you should check out my Easter Lily pictures from last year.

The Upside of Winter

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I am not a fan of winter in Upstate/Western NY.  I start to dread its arrival around mid-October.  And I start dreaming of Spring in mid-February.  I hate the dangerous driving, the shoveling, the dry skin, the big bulky clothing, the bitter cold.

This post isn't about that though.  It's about the upside.  For me, the only upside is how beautiful it can be.  I spent today working from home perfectly positioned to see the snow falling at a slow constant rate out the bay window in the front and out the sunroom in the back.  By 5pm, when I went out to take pictures, there was well over a foot. 

Winter scenes... from my front and back yards...

  snow 001.JPG snow 003.JPG

snow 014.JPG

snow 002.JPG

snow 008.JPG

snow 011.JPG

snow 021.JPG


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Fall Foliage Pictures


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There was a very large amount of ducks hanging out when my boyfriend and I went for a walk down by the canal this past Sunday. 

I want to make this post into a little bit of a contest.  All you have to do to enter is to come up with a creative comment for a caption for the first picture below.  I'll pick my favorite and the winner will be my "Blog of the Month" (down on the sidebar if you haven't seen it already) for either November or December.  If you could provide a 125x125 graphic that I can use to link that would be awesome.

So enjoy the photos and leave your creative captions in the comments!

ducks 027.JPG ducks 023.JPG ducks 139.JPG ducks 141.JPG

Fall Foliage Photos

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Last week I decided that this weekend would be a great weekend to go to a spot not too far from my house along the Erie Canal and take some pictures of fall foliage.  I wanted to go yesterday but the weather wasn't so great.  I thought it would be nice to go for a long walk with my boyfriend along this picturesque path so I wanted him to come with me, too.  On Sundays he goes out to watch football so I was afraid he wouldn't be able to come home in time.  Turns out he did  :)  Here are a few of my favorites (the first one is not from the canal but I liked it so much I had to share):

  fall foliage 017.JPG

fall foliage 022.JPG

fall foliage 038.JPG

fall foliage 051.JPG

fall foliage 077.JPG

Get Well Easter Lilies

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My boyfriend's parents bought me a beautiful easter lily plant as a little get well gift to help make me feel better.




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