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Dear Toyota

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Dear Toyota/Toyota Dealership,

I don't like you very much right now.  You have not been kind to me.  I have not really been able to drive my car since August 24th.  It is now September 22nd.  In case you're wondering, I think that's a long time to be without a car.  Just my opinion.

First, you made me wait a week before you'd even look at my car, which out of nowhere one morning started sounding like it was about to explode when I went to start it.  I had an early meeting that morning, and also a doctor's appointment that afternoon.  I missed that meeting, thanks.  And I had to bum a ride to the appointment, and sit an extra hour waiting for said ride to get out of a meeting to come pick me up.  Most inconvenient.  Also, my car has less than 23,000 miles on it.  It probably should not be falling apart already.  And really, a week?  Your service department is that overbooked?  That really sucks, but alright.  I can wait a week.

Then, when you finally looked at my car you gave me bad news.  You had originally told me you would remove the heat shield, free of charge.  Then you told called to tell me that it would actually be $250 and I needed a new fuel tank strap.  If that weren't bad enough, you proceeded to tell me that you didn't have the part in stock. 

The next day you gave me another phone call.  I was hoping you were calling to tell me you got the part in that morning (you said it might be in as soon as the next day).  NOPE!  You were calling to tell me that the part was on nation-wide backorder.  Whatever that really means.  Oh, and by the way, the part probably wouldn't be in until September 22nd.  Uh, what?  STARTING TO GET REALLY UNHAPPY.  But I was still very polite and patient.  I worked around not having a car.  Most inconveniently.  I had 3 birthdays to shop for during this time. 

After waiting and waiting and waiting, on September 21st I came home and had a message on my answering machine.  I was very hopeful that it would be you informing me the part arrived and I could bring my car back in to get it fixed.  NOPE!  No message from you.  I decide I should call you on the 22nd to see what the problem was.  Did you forget about me?  Was there a new estimate on the part arrival?  Please tell me something!

By 11 AM on the 22nd I still hadn't heard anything and so I called.  I hate having to call.  This time you gave me both good and bad news.  The part is in!  But somehow you forgot to inform me of this.  I asked three different representatives that I spoke to and no one could tell me when said part actually arrived.  Or why I was not informed.  You said yourself it was right in my file that I was to be called/notified. 

So I head over after work to drop the car off for my appointment the next day (thank god you didn't make me wait longer for an appointment).  I inquired again how long the part had been in and you told me it arrived two days ago.  You did not seem very sympathetic or apologetic that I somehow got lost in the shuffle and was never called.  You said it just arrived two days ago.  To me, two days is not just and it was too longI should have been called the very day the part arrived since you already made me wait so long.

Please don't let this happen again.

Your unsatisfied customer,



Weekend Randomness

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Friday night my boyfriend and I went bowling.  It was a function put on by our employer.  I was not feeling well on Friday and really didn't feel like going.  I actually asked someone else to take my place (someone who wanted to go but didn't have a team).  They already had made other plans so I decided to stick it out and go.  Other people were counting on me and I didn't want to ditch.  I actually ended up feeling better after resting for 30 minutes after work before we had to leave.  I ended up having a good time.  My high score out of three games was 136.  I was pleased.  My boyfriend, not to be outdone, outscored me by 100 points.  Yes, he bowled a 236.  I have NO idea how he did it.  We have been bowling three times in the 3 and a half years we've been together (3.5 years tomorrow!) so it's not like he gets a lot of practice. 

Saturday night we went out with another couple.  We went to a Thai restaurant which was good, but I was actually a little disappointed by my Pat Thai.  The other couple really applied some pressure about going out for dessert afterward and I caved.  We went to this AMAZING little place and my boyfriend and I split a slice of Austrian Chocolate Torte.  To match, I also ordered an Austrian Hot Chocolate.  Best hot chocolate I've ever had and it was a perfect complement to the torte. 

Sunday was spent knitting.  I started a hat for a friend on Thursday but Saturday night, when it was almost done, I decided it was no good.  I needed to start fresh.  It was too big, and I messed up on switching between two colors in one row and the stitches in between looked all weird.  Unacceptable!  So Sunday morning I unraveled every last stitch and started over.  I spent about 6 hours trying to re-do it.  My friend was expecting to get it on Monday and I wanted to get as far as possible.  She won't get it tomorrow, but she will on Tuesday.  I think the size is much better, and I figured out how to switch the colors without it looking all funky.  It's a hat for a 1 year old and it looks like a strawberry.  I can't wait to show you the finished product.

I also meant to bake some brownies from scratch (for the first time ever) but it just didn't happen.  I bought all the ingredients two weeks ago, and my boyfriend is eagerly awaiting them ever since.  I better get around to that soon. 

Final note on the weekend: we had fabulous weather here.  Warm(ish) and plenty of sunshine.  I am getting so excited about the first signs of spring that should be started to pop up in another month or so.


So how was your weekend?  Productive?  Relaxing?


This Week Was a Very Good Week

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First, it was only a three day work week.  I took Monday and Friday off.  Instead of taking a large chunk of time off at the end of December I opted to spread out my vacation days taking long weekends every week. 

Second, I received a humongous, outrageous, ginormous, astronomical bonus at work on Thursday.  Ok, I exaggerated, it wasn't that large.  But it was a big holiday bonus that I was very happy with.

Third, when I stepped onto the scale Thursday morning I weighed one hundred and twenty six pounds.  That is a total of 15 (FIFTEEN!) pounds lost since the end of October.  Only 6 more pounds to go.

Fourth, almost all of my Christmas shopping was completed so I can stop stressing so much.  A few of the gifts have even been wrapped.  Only one more gift left to get.  A little something for my boyfriend's parents.  What do you get for the parents of your significant other anyway?  Last year I got them a really pretty vase that my boyfriend says his mom uses regularly, but I haven't come up with any great ideas for this year yet.

Fifth, christmas cookies!  Between today and tomorrrow I plan to make three different kinds of tasty Christmas treats -- Buckeyes, Church Windows, and traditional Sugar Cookies.  Some of them will be eaten by me (I have to taste test them before I can let anyone else eat them, right?), but most will be enjoyed by others.  At least I hope they come out well enough to be enjoyed.

Fun Times

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Today was a bit of a crap-tastic day, but all is well that ends well. 

First, I had to go to the dentist and have a cavity filled.  It had been many years since I've had a cavity and I really, really wasn't very happy.  I know a lot of people that hate the dentist, and many who avoid them altogether, but I am not one of them.  I honestly don't mind going to my twice-annual cleaning.  Really, my least favorite part is the small talk I have to make with the hygienist.  I had one of those normal cleaning appointments on Monday, they took some x-rays, discovered the cavity, and the next thing I knew I was scheduled to be back on Thursday at 12:30p.  So there was that fun-ness (which actually wasn't that bad, even painless, despite all my whining and pouting and anxiety beforehand). 

Then, there was the wonderful commute home.  I live 7 miles from work.  It normally takes precisely 10 minutes from parking lot to driveway.  Tonight, it took me nearly an hour.  The roads were pretty terrible due to due a big snow storm off of Lake Erie.  In general I don't really like driving that much.  Combine driving and snow and I panic.  If there is a flake in the air and it is optional for me to drive anywhere then forgetaboutit.  I had white knuckles the entire time and almost just stopped in the middle of the road because I could't take it anymore after nearly rear-ending my boyfriend in front me while listening to my anti-lock breaks making that terrible grinding sound.

I am able to put that all behind me though.  Because I don't have to work tomorrow.  Or the day after that.  Or that day after that.  Or the day after that!  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, since I've no place to go.  :) 


Much To Be Thankful For

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I know this is several days late, but since I have so much to be thankful for this past year I still wanted to post my list anyway.  I think it is important to stop life for a moment and reflect on all the good things that have happened and all the positives in your life.  It's important because I think most people tend to mainly remember and focus on all the negative.  I know I tend to do that, anyway.  So here are my top 10...

1.  Making it through the awful allergic reaction I had to a medication back in April that had me out of work for two weeks, left me with three biopsy scars, and had me at the doctor every other day.

2.  After a two year search, finally figuring out why I was always so damn tired.

3.  The medication for my PLMD that helps me sleep peacefully at night and wake up ready for the day.  It allows me to function as a normal human being instead of a crazy sleep-deprived one.

4.  The South Beach Diet which has helped me to finally start losing the extra weight I have put on over two years and have been trying to lose with no success.

5.  My wonderful, amazing boyfriend who went seriously above and beyond during my allergic reaction, the sleep deprivation, and the emotional turmoil involved with the dieting.  It is a wonder how he has put up with me over this last year.  I don't want to think about where I would be without all of his love and support.

6.  A few more "firsts": first real vacation with my boyfriend, first experience at a spa, first trip to NYC, etc.

7.  Four weeks of vacation a year.  I know how lucky I am to be allowed to take this much time off.  I definitely get burned out, and definitely need the breaks.

8.  Being at a point in my life where there are lots of happy and joyful things happening, like weddings and births.

9.  Finally realizing that I should really be shopping the Petites section of clothing stores when shopping for tops.  :)  The clothes just fit so much better and look so much better on me.  It seems so painfully obvious now, I have no idea how it took me so long.

10.  All the things that are really important but I tend to take for granted on a daily basis such as a good job with a good salary, a loving and caring family, friends, my health (my health concerns are minor compared to many others, I somehow avoided getting a cold or the flu that everyone else seems to have had over the last 3 months), and a warm and comfortable home.

I am very, very thankful.

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