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10 Years

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As of yesterday, I have been at my current place of employment for 10 years.  I am not sure why this is significant to me, but it kind of is.  This is the first (and only) "real" job I have ever had.  To me it's almost as though I've grown up at this company.  It's a small company, and I believe I was something like employee number 52 when I was hired.  The company had only been around for 4 years at the time I was hired.  Many of the people I work with I consider close friends.  We frequently hang out outside of work -- going out to dinner or meeting for a movie, etc.  I've attended several co-worker's weddings and was even a part of the wedding party for one co-worker friend.

I believe I got incredibly lucky in many ways.  At the end of January of my last semester at college I had my second interview and within hours had a job offer.  I believe I actually had an email with an offer waiting for me by the time I was done with the 40 minute trip back home from the interview.  I completed my last semester already knowing where I was going to go after I graduated, which was a huge relief.  I feel luckly that the people interviewing me saw through my poor interviewing skills to my engineering skills and good work ethic.  I am fortunate that the culture/work environment was such a good fit for me.  The company I work for now is the only place I interviewed.  I received an acceptable offer for a position in my chosen field that was exactly what I wanted to do, and that was that.

I graduated college on May 20th, 2000 and started work a little over two weeks later on June 5th.  I was barely legal to drink when I first walked through the doors for my first day of work.  I had been 21 for about 8 months.  Still a child, really.  When I look back, both personally and professionally, I feel like I've come such a long way.   Back in that first summer I was naive, a little scared, and very ready to work.  I was very timid and was insecure in my work.  I have since been promoted to "Senior Engineer".  I conduct interviews, train new employees, and am included on many crucial company initiatives.  I have a great deal more confidence, both in myself as a person as well as in my workplace abilities.  I respectfully speak my opinion rather than just assume that the ideas/thoughts of others are better or more important.

Reflecting like this kind of makes me think... where will my career take me in the next 10 years?  Will I still be working at the same company?  Will I even be working at all or will I be staying at home with kids?


What has your job/work experience been like? Are you doing what you expected when you finished school?  Have you changed careers or gone back to school for something else?



For My Valentine


They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right?  I'm not sure if that's the case with my boyfriend, but I think it's best to play it safe and continue to occassionally surprise him with something sweet and homemade.  Just for good measure. 

valentine's day cookies 010.JPG

valentine's day cookies 002.JPG

valentine's day cookies 007.JPG

Happy Valentine's Day, all.

To you, From me, With love

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I am about to head off to spend the next few days with my family.  Before I go, I'd like to wish you a very merry christmas.


Happy Holidays,




More Gift Ideas For Thirty-Somethings

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A week or so ago I made a post with some ideas for christmas gifts for thirty-somethings.  There seemed to be quite a few people searching for gifts for that demographic so I thought I'd do another round, for anyone who still isn't done with their shopping yet (like me).  Happy shopping!

Disclaimer:  All links besides the 7 piece server and the Men's North Face jacket are affiliate links through




B. Smith 7 Piece Multi Server ($39.99)

The one pictured here is from Bed Bath and Beyond.  I don't have anything like this and would really love to have one for entertaining.  I put this on my Christmas list this year.


Rival RC61 3-Cup Rice Cooker, Red ($22.89)

My boyfriend and I bought this earlier this year at the urging of my boyfriend's sister.  We both absolutely love it.  The rice comes out so much better than boiling it in a pot and no rice ends up stuck to the bottom. The rice tastes better and the cleanup is easier.  It also comes with a steamer so you can steam vegetables at the same time which is very handy.  It says 3-cup but that's dry, it actually makes 6 cups when cooked.


Kodak Easyshare P730 7-Inch Digital Frame ($69.00)

I thought a digital photo frame would be perfect for my friend who is a mom of two very young girls.  She has a couple of her favorite pictures displayed on her desk but she has a TON more on her computer that I'm sure she'd love to display as well.  When I found this one I was looking for something between $50 and $75.  I also wanted something with 15:9 aspect ratio to match the size of most photos. View the most popular Digital Photo Frames on amazon for other options.


Mele Jewelry Box, Belinda Cherry Jewelry Box ($64.00)

I have quite a bit of jewelry; necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings.  And most of the time whatever I am not wearing sits on top of my dresser in a bit of a mess.  I would love to have a jewelry box like this one so that I have a neat place to store it and have a place to hang my necklaces.  This appears to be a really good deal right now at 57% off the orginal price from Home Storage Warehouse.



North Face Jacket.jpg

North Face Mens' Denali Fleece (165.00)

These jackets can be a little expensive, but I know several people who have them and love them.  They seem to be really well made.  I really don't think you can go wrong with this, unless the person you are buying for already has one.


This one seems to be one of the best in its price range ($40 on amazon).  There are lots of great reviews.  My favorite feature is the vacuum so that all the little trimmed hairs aren't left all over the place.  There are also 9 different length settings which is really nice.  Also has self-sharpening blades and comes with a travel pouch which is very handy.


Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Nighthawk Stainless Steel Watch ($237.00)

A couple of Christmases ago my boyfriend's parents bought him a Citizen Eco-Drive watch.  It is still going strong and he still loves it.  The best part is not having to worry about the battery dying.  There are lots of other styles and price ranges of mens citizen watches to choose from.



TomTom GO 630 4.3-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator ($168.00)

This is almost the exact same model that my boyfriend's parents have (they have the 720) and are very happy with.  I just bought this one for my parents and can't wait to give it to them!


adidas Elite Team Medium Duffel ($34.94)

This is another one from my wish list this year.  We have taken a lot of long weekend trips the last several months and I kept wishing I had a bag just like this one.  Everything I have is either too big or too small.  This one is 28 inches long, and a little over a foot high which I think would make the perfect size.


Electronic Catch Phrase ($15.99)

I don't remember exactly how I was introduced to this game years ago, or if I received it as a gift or if I purchased it myself.  I have given it as a gift to multiple people since, and it is definitely one of my favorites (along with scattegories) to play as a family or with friends. 

Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

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51LA-9333zL__AA260_.jpgJust after Thanksgiving (as in the very next day) I noticed the neighbors starting to put up their trees and outdoor Christmas lights.  I started thinking, hey, those look kinda nice.  I kinda wish I had some.  Day by day and little by little that 'kinda want' turned into a 'must have'.  I made up my mind yesterday and tonight after work I persuaded my boyfriend to stop at Target to look at lights.  We were successful in our question and ended up getting net lights.  I had no idea they even made these things but my boyfriend found them and they seemed like they'd make outdoor decorating much easier so I was all for it. 

(photo from


I have some bushes in the front I want to throw the lights over.  In my head it will take about 5 minutes to complete.  It will be easy and the lights will look perfect.  Ha, right?  I was so excited and so convinced that it was going to take no time at all I wanted to do it tonight as soon as we got back from the store.  My boyfriend was having none of it...

erin: Can we put up the lights tonight?

erin's boyfriend: No.  We'll do it on Saturday.

erin:  But why?  It's much warmer tonight than it's supposed to be on the weekend.

erin's boyfriend: It's dark out.  We're not putting them up in the dark!

erin:  I think it will be fine.  There are lights on the outside of the house.

erin's boyfriend: What lights?

erin:  The ones over the garage.

erin's boyfriend: Oh, you mean the ones that are nowhere near the bushes?

erin:  hrmph.

So yeah, I was very disappointed, but we did not get the lights up tonight.  He complains that I don't have enough holiday spirit and now when I want to be all festive and embrace the season he is the one with the bah humbug attitude!  :)


What sort of decorating do you do for the holidays?

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