Top 10 Positive Things About Today

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Another thing I'm trying to do, in addition to eating well and exercising to help get out of my funk is positive thinking.  So, I made a mental note of all the little, positive things about my day today and now I'm sharing with you.


  1. I was down half a pound on the scale this morning.
  2. Despite waking up late this morning, I still made it to work in time for my 8:30 meeting. 
  3. I got out of the office and went to lunch with my boyfriend and a couple of other co-workers.  It was too rainy and cold to go for a walk and I really needed to get away from the desk.
  4. I had been avoiding calling my doctor (because I hate the phone and I hate doctors) but I finally did it today.  At it wasn't as scary as I was expecting.
  5. I got a new prescription for my sleep disorder.  This gives me new hope.
  6. While picking up my new prescription the woman at the pharmacy desk told me how much she liked my glasses.
  7. While at the grocery store we picked up a small ice cream treat.
  8. Taco burgers for dinner!  One of my favorites.
  9. Glee is on. 
  10. I had plenty to complain about, but I managed to stay positive instead.  :)


What's on your bright side of today?


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Have you stop posted? Dont do that! Like your blog a lot!

I hope everything's okay.

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