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ThirtySomething 125x125.jpgHi.  My name is Erin.  I am a 30 something woman.

I currently live in Upstate NY where I recently purchased my first home.  While I technically live there alone, I do have a significant other (referred to in this blog as The Boy) who also likes to spend an awful lot of time there.  The house keeps me busy and my bank account low.

I was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Turner Syndrome in 1987.  I wrote a page dedicated to my personal experience with TS.  I also wrote an entry about the fact that I don't have a sense of smell.

I started this blog 2 days before my thirtieth birthday.  The main reason for starting it was to chronicle my life as I continue through this decade on my life's path.  It was meant to be somewhat of a snapshot of my life during this time that I can look back on.  Other reasons for starting this site include wanting a place to; pose questions and get answers, vent, satisfy my urge to write, and share my very amateur photographs.  As an added bonus maybe someone out there would find some entertainment, educational, or other value in it.


It seems most About Me pages I come across have a spot for likes and dislikes so....
I like kisses from The Boy, macintosh apples, small-ish dogs, springtime, diet coke, and chocolate.  I don't like wine, blueberries, pantyhose, conceited people, or winter in Upstate NY.

You can read about more of my likes in the 'Things I Love' Category.


If you feel the desire to contact me, which I hope you do, you can do so by emailing me at erin at thirtysomethingblog dot com.  Let me know you stopped by!  You can also follow me on twitter at http://twitter.com/erin_ts.

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I came across your blog from 31DBBB and I have really enjoyed reading your posts...Can't wait to read more..

Just found you yesterday through 31DBBB and totally adore your site. Can't wait to read more! :)

I'm about to turn 30 myself and was googling for such blogs and came across yours... I've now spent the entire evening browsing through your posts! Very much fun indeed. Will visit often. :)

Was blog hopping and I came by your site. Just wanted to say "hi"! Will be popping by again soon! =)

I stumbled across your blog when I accidentally inversed the letters in .com for my own blog! Haha What a nice surprise. Mine is just getting started, so I look forward to your feedback. I am definitely adding yours to my list.

Enjoy your 30's... I'm headed that direction myself and started a blog about that trek! In fact, I just referenced your blog on my post today as I posted the countdown and answered those questions!


The 30's are so good, I'm 35 and these last five years had been just amazing, more fun that in my 20's. Enjoy life, that is all that matters.

Every period has it's own charm, the main thing is to stay active person but old vegetable! lol

WOW. You and I have a lot in common. I have TS too and we are almost the same age. Also very similar likes/dislikes.


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