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I feel like I've started turning from a hermit into a social butterfly recently.  I've found myself saying yes to things I hadn't been saying yes to for a while.

I was invited to a house-party at a co-worker and friend's house.  I decided to go, alone, even though I was going to know very few people there.  I am normally very shy and going to a party alone where I would know almost nobody was very out-of-character for me.  I ended up having a wonderful time and stayed until 1:30 in the morning.  I met some new and interesting people.  I learned a new game.  Needless to say, I was very happy with my decision to go. 

I was invited to a girl's lunch with 5 or so other ladies at work and decided to go.  I was so busy laughing the entire I had a hard time actually eating.  :)

Another co-worker/friend invited me to go with her over to her new house during our lunch hour this past Friday.  Even though I typically don't like one-on-one time with people I'm not really close with, I decided to say yes.  I enjoyed spending time and talking with her, seeing her new house, and playing with her new puppy.

I made an impromptu trip to Syracuse this past weekend to visit my sister and ty on bridesmaide dresses.  If you know me, you know I don't do impromptu trips.  I am all about organizing and planning ahead.

My company organizes a bowling "tournament" every year.  It's just one of many activities sponsored by my wonderful company, which I typically decline to attend due to social anxiety.  A co-worker/friend really, really wanted me to come and be her partner so I said yes.  That will be coming up next month.

After reading the Hunger Games Trilogy I decided to get a bunch of the girls at work to also read it.  I'm also talking them all into going to the theater to see the movie made from the first book when it comes out on March 23.  Maybe do dinner beforehand.  I almost never organize outings.  If someone else organizes something I will sometimes go, but rarely initiate.



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