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This is a video of Ingrid Michaelson, Bess Rogers, and Allie Moss doing an acoustic version of the punk version of The Way I Am

Ingrid + Punk = Funny. 



Google Searches With Commentary

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I was just looking over some of the search queries people have typed into google that landed them on my blog.  I found myself adding my own commentary and answering some of the questions and lauging to myself a bit.  I remembered that Chris over at has sometimes posted some of the more interesting search strings entered that brought people to his site, adding his own commentary, and I loved reading them.  I am a copy-cat so.... I copied his idea.  See my attempt at the same thing below.  I hope you find it at least a little bit amusing, even though I don't do funny very well.


my bf finishes before i do and goes to sleep -- Well, I'm sorry to hear that.  I'm sure you're not the only one in this predicament, though.  Does that help? 

when did someone do something nice for me?  -- I don't know you and therefore have no idea.  I don't think you'll find the answer via google though (unfortunately).  I really hope it wasn't that long ago that you honestly can't remember.

do something nice for your wife -- I would, really, but I don't have a wife. I will change this to "do something nice for your boyfriend" and hope that is close enough.

do something nice for yourself -- If you insist  ;)

i didn't know i was pregnant erin -- I am sorry, but it still blows my mind that this can actually happen.  Might I suggest you share this information with someone at TLC instead of me?  They have a show for people just like you! 

is thirty considered thirtysomething -- Hmmm.  In my book, yes.  Although now you have me questioning.

pseudo baby --  Pseudo baby?  I'd like a full-fledged real baby, thanks. 

getting engaged while married to someone else -- Me thinks this is a bad idea.  A very bad idea.

can thirty somththing wear ugg boots -- Absolutely!  Well, maybe not.  But I wear them anyway.

thirtysomething enganged -- Obviously a simple typo, but it amused me.  And made me curious about whether or not "enganged" was a real word.  It isn't, but apparently it is a common typo.  Google provided me with several examples.

love letter food popcorn socks -- Interesting combination of seemingly random words.  I do love to receive love letters, food in general, popcorn specifically, and warm socks during the cold winter.  I suppose that's how that search string brought you to my blog? 

Funny Things Kids Say

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I know kids say hilarious things all the time.  I don't have any kids, and I am not around any all that often, so I am still shocked when I hear them say something totally off the wall.

My little 5 year old neighbor seems to love it when I go outside to do yard work. He always appears in my yard shortly after I go out. I love kids and he is very cute (and quite a little helper) so I don't mind when he comes over.

Here is a short conversation that took place between us this afternoon:

Him: Guess what I am doing today?
Me: I don't know. What are you doing today?
Him: My friend is coming over to sleep with me.
Me: What did you say?
Him [a little louder this time]: My friend is coming over to sleep with me.

I don't think the kid stopped talking for over an hour. Even when I was using the leaf-blower and couldn't hear a thing he was saying.

What have you heard a kid say recently that really cracked you up?

Favorite quote of the day

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Paul Begala on CNN:

"Watching President Bush try to complete a sentence was like watching a drunk, fat guy crossing an icy street. You just knew he wasn't going to make it."

We were watching cnn after Obama's press conference last night and were highly amused when Paul Begala gave his response on comments that Obama was a little long-winded in his answers.

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