A Sunday Hike

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Late Sunday afternoon I was parked on the loveseat with my laptop.  My boyfriend was parked on the couch with his laptop.  It was a kind of dreary morning weather-wise, but the afternoon was showing promise.  My boyfriend lifted his head from the computer screen and asked if I want to go to the park for a hike.  Without hesitation I said yes.  I used to do a lot of hiking a few years ago, but not much in recent history.  I quickly changed into some hiking clothes and we were off. 

The park is really large with several parking areas and several different trails.  We got a little lost but eventually found our way.  We started on the "green" trail, which was the most challenging in terms of hills, and 4.7 miles long.  We quickly were greeted with a couple of surprises.  The first was a great, big, huge, pile of horse crap.  And then more horse crap.  And then some more.  I think it would have been more aptly named/colored the "brown" trail.  We also began being attacked my lots and lots of bugs.  Not so nice.  Next time we'll remember the bug spray.  Luckily neither of us ended up with any bites.

Despite those two issues, we actually ended up really enjoying ourselves.  It's so nice to be out in nature and doing some sort of physical activity.  It does a mind and body good.  We ended up hiking for a little under 1.5 hours.  During that time, in addition to the crap and the bugs, we saw guys running up hills that we were barely able to walk up without getting slightly out of breath.  And we saw a whole bunch of deer.  Just chillin'.  We were really close but they didn't seem worried about us in the least. 

I'd like to try this trail again in the fall.  I'm pretty sure it will have some pretty amazing fall foliage.


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Glad you had a nice time and I commend you for your monumental effort. My sisters and I used to do hour-long walks near a river that had a terribly steep hill aside of it. One time we had bikers pass us going uphill. We cursed them silently the whole time.

I need to move more. You're so right about it doing the body and mind good.

Ha. I wasn't so much cursing as just in awe of the capabilities of these young men.

The weather totally inspires me to get out more. I just love the feeling I get either working out in the yard gardening, or going for a run, walk, hike, whatever.

Ha! This sounded like my favorite kind of day until you left your cozy house and went out hiking! Lol. I love days when I can sit inside and browse on my laptop. ;)

Haha. Oh yes, I definitely have days where I am perfectly content just parked on the couch with tv and laptop, too.

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