Top 5 things I learned this past weekend

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I learned a few things while on my little trip this past weekend for the wedding of two friends.

  1. I am classy.  At the wedding reception waiters were walking around offering hors d'oeuvres.  I took a scallop wrapped in bacon on a toothpick.  I took one bite, and part of the wood from the toothpick broke off and ended up in my mouth with the scallop.  I had to get a napkin and spit it out.  Gross.  I also dumped part of a plate of pasta on to the floor.  Can't take me anywhere.
  2. I am smart.  The wedding was in Maryland in the middle of August.  I checked the weather beforehand and saw the high temps and humidity, yet it never once crossed my mind to bring my bathing suit so I could cool off in the lovely hotel pool.  I deeply regretted this as I had all morning and early afternoon to hang at the pool before the wedding.
  3. I am not alone in my insanity.  I was freaking out [much to my boyfriend's dismay] about which dress and which shoes to bring with me for a few days before the trip.  Turns out one friend brought 5 dresses and another brought 3.  I am kind of glad I just decided ahead of time and brought one.  It made getting ready that day a little bit easier.  
  4. My back does not enjoy 8 hours in a car.  After about 4-5 hours it started to get really uncomfortable.
  5. The minister might call the bride by the wrong name.  So might the band leader when introducing the couple at the reception.  At one point during the ceremony the minister said, "Look into Karen's eyes..."  My friend's name is Kathryn.  Everyone in attendance at the church laughed.  The band leader also called her Karen when first introducing the couple.  At first I thought it was a joke.  It wasn't.  Kat refused to go in to the reception until she got the name right.  If that weren't enough, somehow something got screwed up and the music started playing before the minister said, "You may kiss the bride".  Of course not of that really mattered because it was a beautiful wedding and reception celebrating the love of two wonderful people.


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Fan of #1 here, too! Did they let you keep eating?

Poor bride! I'd have been mad, but then it'll be a fun memory for the rest of their lives.

Ha. Of course you guys liked # 1. You would have laughed your butts off at me if you were there.

I was allowed to keep eating after both fiascoes, although I was understandably nervous about it by that point. I was brave enough to attempt a cupcake and proud to report I was successful. As far as I know I didn't leave chocolate frosting all over my face.

I feel like I would have been upset by being called by the wrong name at my wedding but Kat took it in stride.

Sheesh! There have been a ton of weddings this Summer where the bride was called the wrong name! (Thankfully none by the groom though, that I know of. LOL) Even the wedding that I was in, in July, the priest called my friend Alison "Ashley." Oops.

Poor Alison. I hope she didn't let it get her down! Apparently this happens more than I would have ever guessed.

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